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Victorian Farmers Direct

Victorian Farmers Direct was formed as a direct result of the unexpected closure of Aussie Farmers Direct. 

This left customers without a convenient home delivery service and franchisees without a business.

As a result, a number of ex-Aussie Farmers franchisees “banded” together with a great deal of support from The Camperdown Dairy Company to create Victorian Farmers Direct.

This enables us to provide households with a range of staple items including milk, bread, free range eggs and market fresh fruit and vegetables to deliver direct to your door.

We have sourced a range of products from Local Victorian Farmers and Producers including Farm Fresh Milks, Yoghurts and Butter from Camperdown Dairy located in the south western part of Victoria and Supa Free Range Eggs from The Green Egg Company located in the Grampians region of Victoria.

Our Fruit and Vegetables are delivered daily and sourced direct from growers at the Epping Market.

Our motto “we love what we do” emphasizes that our vision reaches far beyond just being another online food store. 

We want to meet or exceed your expectation on every shop with us. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to delivering our range direct to your door.

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