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Feedback from our Wonderful Customers.

Gisela (Vermont South) says:  
So happy that you are offering this service!  
  Graham (Ivanhoe) says:
  Well done on your return, a long time previous customer.
Nadia (Mooroolbark) says:  
We are SO happy that you have managed to get this up and running - we miss you!' Well done and good luck  
  Cathy (Ivanhoe) says:
  Looking forward to delivery .. welcome back
Corrin (Fairfield) says:  
I'm glad you're back.   
  Andrew (Ashburton) says:
  Second delivery today. happy friendly service to my door, and great quality!
Laura (Hampton East) says:  
Love your work!! Thank you!!!  
  Clare (Northcote) says:
  so great to have you back!!! and I like the focus on fresh food and not pantry :)
Jessica (Northcote) says:  
So excited that you have found a way to return after the demise of Aussie Farmers - really wishing you all the best! Good luck!  
  Lynette (Altona Meadows) says:
  Thank you for banding together to try again. You have been sadly missed.
Wayne (Altona) says:  
So excited to have a milkman back on board!!  
  Tricia (Brighton East) says:
  Great to hear your delivery is back. Looking forward to our 1st Victoria Farmers order 
Megan (Caulfield North) says:  
Really enjoyed our order last week. Fresh and delicious!   
  Robin (Clifton Hill) says:
  Welcome back !
Rachael (Hampton East) says:   
Very excited to have a replacement for Aussie Farmers and hope that your business grows and grows. Good Luck, and we look forward to supporting you.  
  Joanna (Fairfield) says:
  Welcome back Jim and Annette!
Pauline (Altona Meadows) says:  
Thank you. Ordering is extremely easy  
  Romana (Seaholme) says:
  I’m so glad you are back! Keep it simple. I don’t want a million choices (or supermarket shelf items), that takes time & effort to sort through....I just want simple, good quality, fresh produce that’s conveniently delivered. 
Sophie (Clifton Hill) says:  
we are so excited to be able to order our groceries like this again!  
  Anna (Altnona Meadows) says:
  I am so happy that this business is up and running. I look forward to our first delivery.
Narelle (Elsternwick) says:  
best of luck for the business , good to see you back  
  Amanada (Yarraville) says:
  Great to be back on the Milkman train! Yay! 
Rachael (Hampton East) says:  
Hello, We are so excited that you are doing this, as we miss Aussie Farmers so much and hate going to the super market. We live in Hampton East and Harry was our wonderful delivery man.   
  Sean (Elsternwick) says:
  Thanks for bringing this back!!
Melanie (Port Melbourne) says:  
glad to hear you are back!  
  Michael (Vermont) says:
  We are so pleased to have Victorian Farmers Direct delivering fresh produce to our door. A great service!
Margaret (Cliftan Hill) says:  
Glad to hear that you are back , farmers direct to customer  
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